Tell Someone Who Cares is a social enterprise, I created to disrupt the palm oil industry.

TSWC is a Global campaign I created to bring a range of solutions, awareness and funds to the world and create change in the palm oil production industry. Palm Oil plantations are devastating to the rainforests of Borneo, its People, Orangutan and other wildlife. TSWC is also a platform for youth, schools, business and sporting clubs, families, to find their purpose and passion – actually be part of the solution and unite together in this movement that provides solutions, connection with other like minded people, purpose, education -skills in environment and conservation , leadership and compassion and kindness.

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The movement will be driven by my product range -one of the solutions – containing the amazing Rainforest Borneo Butter – palm oil alternative ! We have started with an organic soap featuring the Rainforest Borneo butter, coconut oil, macadamia oil and pure essential oils. Other awesome products are coming online soon.

I was really excited to learn through seeing the film ‘Rise of the Eco-Warriors’ that there is a traditionally harvested, genuinely sustainable , empowering alternative to destructive palm oil!

I have been working with the Dayak people from the Tembak village and the movie producers, and the zero waste factory processing Borneo Butter and coconut that will feature in my products. Rainforest borneo butter is amazing – its great for your skin as its very high in EFA’s, coconut is very cleansing, and our local macadamia oil is also very nourishing – a totally creamy luxurious soap that helps with Rainforest Orangutan and other wildlife ,Indigenous peoples and the disability community.

The more soap and other products we produce – we are helping the Dayak people to keep the rainforest a safe place for Orantuan and people !

This creates an economy and a way to say no to the palm oil production companies.

Usually they bribe the indigenous land owners to hand over the land and then they chop it down, burn it and plant millions of palm oil trees.

Many Orangutans and other wildlife are killed and loose their homes. We need to realise that we are the people contributing to the problem , palm oil is in a lot of household products, cosmetics and food – I aim to have a range of products that are alternatives to palm oil. I was inspired by the movie Rise Of The Eco Warriors that follows the journey of a group of young people from around the world who lived in the jungles of Borneo and see first hand the destruction this palm oil industry creates, and help to find solutions.

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Have a look at this awesome video that shows the Zero Waste factory making our Rainforest Borneo Butter!

How to be apart of the Solution

Purchase the Soap

Support orangutan, rainforests, indigenous peoples, disability community

Adopt an Orangutan

For as little as $10 per month your support will provide medical care, food, rehabilitation and forest school


Donate and help us build a second sustainable factory. Take part in the 100k Challenge.


Set up your own market stall or stand and become an ambassador.