Start a Tribe

You can start your own Tribe! Here’s How!

Step 1. Email us at to register your Tribe & purchase your Kit

Step 2. Get a group of friends and family together and have a movie night – get your popcorn ready (palm oil free of course!) show the movie Rise of the Eco Warriors then take action!

Step 3. Your guests choose how they want to be part of the solution – have your sample soaps ready to try out , adoption forms , T-shirts and other merchandise
set up

Step 4. Plan your fundraising activities – lemonade stand, market stall whatever you like!

Your TSWC Kit contains

  • Sample soaps
  • Copy of the Movie that inspired Me ! Rise of the Eco Warriors
  • Orangutan Adoption Forms
  • Merchandise Catalogue
  • Fundraising Ideas for your Tribe – friends, school, family
  • Link to downloadable toolkit for your TSWC stall


  • Ask your teacher to have a screening of the movie Rise of the Eco Warriors then include curriculum learning outcomes environmental and wildlife conservation geography and science.
  • Your class or whole school can adopt one of the rescued Orangutang and provide much needed care with rehabilitation ,medical and forest school, then released into a protected part of the forest.
  • Classes can participate in fundraising or as a whole school.


  • Have a movie screening at your school and show the documentary Rise of the Eco Warriors
  • Have a lemonade stand and sell the soap !
  • Grab some friends and set up a stall at your local market – you can sell the soaps, -Sign up people to adopt our Orangutans through our partners the Sintang
    Orangutan Centre
  • Have a cake bake stall, disco, mufti day, Green day