You can actually be part of the solution and unite together in this movement that provides solutions, connection with other like minded people, purpose, education in environment and conservation, leadership and compassion and kindness.

This movement is a really important way to help, as it keeps the economy going in Borneo, provides jobs for Australians, and ways for youth to be empowered and part of a global community changing the world! The youth have the most to lose as they will inherit this planet so we need positive action now!

The more soap we produce and sell, the more the locals have a way to say no to palm oil companies taking land, chopping and burning it down which has huge consequences regarding climate change, Wildlife, as they are often bribed into giving up their land.

I have been working with the Dayak people from the Tembak village, who with the help of Dr Willie Scmits and the Masarang Foundation, have built an amazing zero waste factory processing the illipe nut butter that will feature in my products.

Rainforest borneo butter is amazing – its great for your skin as its very high in EFA’s, coconut is very cleansing, and our local macadamia oil is also very nourishing – a totally creamy luxurious soap, Every purchase helps Regenerate rainforest, Protect Endangered Wildlife and Empower local indigenous people

Many Orangutans and other wildlife are killed and loose their homes. We need to realise that we are the people contributing to the problem , palm oil is in a lot of household products, cosmetics and food – I aim to have a range of products that are alternatives to palm oil.

The activities of the Masarang Foundation may take place in Indonesia but they play a global role. After all, the problems in Indonesia have an impact on the entire planet. Ongoing deforestation is leading to massive carbon dioxide emissions with great consequences for climate change and the environment. Masarang is tackling these issues at their heart and works to find sustainable solutions which will work long-term.

Masarang is reforesting in both Sulawesi and in Borneo. With the principles of agroforestry, which is an ecologically responsible farming system, forest cover is maintained alongside sustainable production of food and other natural resources. This method helps improve the economic, environmental and social value of the forest, ensuring that the local people will protect it for generations to come.