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• Health care for orphaned orangutans • Bedding and play materials
• A nurturing and loving environment • Medical and veterinarian care
• Enrichment and stimulation to develop skills • Forest school training and skills
• Nutritious and healthy food • Resources for orangutan rescues, releases and habitat protection

I work with the Sintang Orangutan Centre on the ground in Borneo who are rescuing and rehabilitating the Orangutan

Watch this video to see the rescue, care and our facilities

All adoption money goes directly to the Sintang Orangutan centre to help Orangutan on their journey back to health and a new life in a protected part of the forest

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What causes Orangutans to be orphaned and need care?

momoThe rapid expansion of oil palm plantations are driving massive deforestation in Borneo. The destruction of rainforest habitat results in adult Orangutans being killed. Adults are also sometimes deemed to be pests to agriculture and are brutally killed. Sometimes mothers are killed so the babies can be captured and kept or sold as pets. Baby Orangutans are dependent on their mothers until they are about eight years old, so orphans need to be taken into care if they are to survive. Orphaned Orangutans at the Tembak Forest School first arrived at the Sintang Orangutan Center after being rescued from forestry activities, oil palm plantations, or from being kept illegally as pets.

(Momo at Tembak Forest School. Photo: Sallie-Ann Macklin)

Meet the Orangutans! Tembak Orangutan Forest School

The Tembak Forest School is currently home to fourteen rescued Orangutans – including JoJo, Mamat, Beno, Momo, Joy, Bembi, Molly, Cemong, Inul, Tanjung, Juvi, and the babies: Gagas, Terra, Ribang – yet there are many more orphaned Orangutans at the Center. Currently 16 orangutans are waiting to take the next step in their rehabilitation that comes through the opportunity to participate in forest school. The Dayak people of the Village of Tembak have generously donated 58 hectares of their land to allow the Tembak Forest School to be constructed rehabilitate Orangutans, preparing them for release into the wild.At Tembak we’ve achieved great advancements in the past year with a new veterinary clinic established, along with the Orangutan Forest School now in full swing.

adopt-orangutanWe are currently raising money to construct the second forest school enclosure at Tembak Forest School, suitable for five to eight Orangutans and adding to the existing enclosures currently at Tembak. The Orangutans use these enclosures to keep them safe at night, while during the day they are introduced to the surrounding rainforest under the supervision of the staff employed at Tembak to oversee the rehabilitation program. At Tembak Forest School, the Orangutans are reintroduced to their natural forest habitat, where they learn and practice the skills needed to survive at the wild. Here they learn to find natural sources of food, climb trees and make nests, for example. In the surrounding rainforest there are many species of trees that provide fruit and leaves and also protein sources, such as ant nests, honey, etc.

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Thanks from JoJo, Mamat, Beno and all orphaned Orangutans at the Sintang Orangutan Center waiting to take the next step in their rehabilitation that comes through the opportunity to participate in forest school.

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