Hi everyone – my name is Holley Im 12 yrs old and the Founder of TSWC. I decided to start this global campaign after I was inspired by the awesome movie – Rise of the Eco Warriors . This showed me what is going on in the ancient rainforests of Borneo – the destruction caused by palm oil production. I was so affected by what I saw happening to the people, Orangutans and ancient rainforests, I decided to take action. I came up with the idea of starting a global movement that everyone could join and help me to bring the solutions Ive found by working with the Dayak people of the Borneo rainforest to the world.

Im also the Founder of The Stardust Foundation, a Charity I started when i was 8 to help the Planet , People and Animals in need. My passion is our amazing planet and its environment, people and all species. So when I realised there were certain threats to nature, humanity and our world I decided to take action and use my voice to stand up for those who have none. My mission is to spread kindness and joy, and co create a peaceful, sustainable world!

I deliver face melting performances, sing, public speak and raise awareness and funds for many social justice and environmental issues, like homelessness, poverty, education, clean water to name a few. I then donate money to organisations and people on the ground working to bring life changing solutions to those in need. I have received many awards and recognition , including the Green Globe Award for Youth Sustainability Champion, the Gecko Environment Award, and Young Achievers Environmental finalist. Ive have worked with amazing people around the world to make a better future and will continue my mission to co create a sustainable and peaceful world for all beings. I have also been featured in a book with Sir Richard Branson called 101 Reasons To get out of bed and save the planet.


I have an awesome team who help me in my mission:

Karol Knott – Executive Operations Manager
Therese Kerr – Ambassador
Mark White – Rise of the Eco Warriors Producer
Dirk-Jan Oudshoorn – Operations Manager in Borneo
Sintang Orangutan Centre – Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation
Jordan Stotter – Marketing